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Booking & Recording Artists  
Once you have selected and wish to record an artist on Voicebank you have the following options available to you:

Booking the artist via their agent

If the artist has an agent you will need to contact their agent to book them for a recording. The booking telephone number and email address are visible in the artist's pofile. You may also click on the agents name to obtain their contact details.

Booking independent artists

If the artist is an independent artist you will need to contact them directly to book them for a recording. The booking telephone number and email address are visible in the artists profile.

Booking artists via Sonovision Studios

To assist you with your busy production schedule and make booking your voice as easy as possible Sonovision Studios offers a booking and handling facility. Often you may have several different voices to book, all with different agents! In which case you will need to contact several different people. Sonovision Studios can book any Voicebank artist (independent or with an agent) for a nominal percentage of the Artists fee. An additional handling fee is charged if clients wish Sonovision to pay the artist on their behalf. To find out more about this service please contact us.


Most voices operate under the Personal Managers Association (PMA) fee structure. For more information on the PMA rates you can download The PMA Rate Card or visit the PMA website. Please bear in mind that not all voice artists operate under the PMA so rates may vary.

Recording artists under the age of 15

New ligislation requires that an application form is submitted to the deparment of labour if children under the age of 15 years are used in advertising, artistic or caltural activities. For your convenience this form can be downloaded here.


Sonovision Studios now offers a new service, the Voicebank ISDN Studio. The Voicebank ISDN Studio has been designed to easily facilitate the recording of voices registered on Voicebank. Voicebank ISDN Studio is charged out at a special discounted rate. These fees exclude the artist fee, but include the following:

  ISDN Unit
  Call charges
  Studio Time

Voicebank Partner Studios

We now have Voicebank partner studios in Cape Town & Bloemfontein. Please contact [email protected] should you require further information.
Terms & Conditions apply (as per Sonovision Rate Card). 30 minute minimum booking. 

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