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OSM April2019
Gaelle Gosselin  

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Voice Clips
Play this clip English,Comedic,British,Neutral British
Play this clip English,Comedic,South African,Neutral
Play this clip English,Conversational,European,French
Play this clip English,Corporate,British,Neutral British
Play this clip English,Corporate,South African,Neutral
Play this clip English,Dramatic,South African,Neutral
Play this clip English,Dry,South African,Neutral
Play this clip English,Hard Sell,British,Neutral British
Play this clip English,Hard Sell,South African,Neutral
Play this clip English,Intimate,British,Neutral British
Play this clip English,Medium Sell,British,Neutral British
Play this clip English,Narrator,British,Neutral British
Play this clip French,Bright,European,French
Play this clip French,Bright,European,Parisian
Play this clip French,Comedic,European,Parisian
Play this clip French,Conversational,European,Parisian
Play this clip French,Corporate,European,French
Play this clip French,Intimate,European,French
Play this clip French,Medium Sell,European,French
Play this clip French,Soft Sell,European,French



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