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OSM April2019
Mmatsheko  Mosito  

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LocationSouth Africa/Gauteng
AgentOSM Talent


[email protected]


- English

Mmatsheko Tsheko Mosito was born and raised in Soweto Diepkloof.

She went to Forest High School. Straight after that she went to The AAA School of advertising to study visual communications. She then dropped out after her 1st year to answer her journalism and radio calling. She studied a media studies course at Boston Media House majoring in radio and journalism.

She got into radio during her 3rd year of college in 3008 to produce content for The Urban Express show weekdays 6-9pm.

She is currently the Content producer and co-host of Yfms breakfast show- Yfms Flava in the morning. Weekdays 6-9am
On the breakfast show, Tsheko is instrumental in all aspects of generating content for the radio show; topics/interviews and the when, where and hows of the show. She had input from the time a show was presented as a concept and writes all scripts. Every phase of development, research and strategic production for the show normally gets significant input from her.
When not on radio, Tsheko blogs like crazy on her fashion blog; Mzansi Vogue found on; www.yworld.co.za
She loves people, socializing and going to a good fashion show.
Her other interests (in no particular order) are: Speaking, writing, painting, reading, going to the theatre, Photography, Fashion, Beauty, Music, Radio, Food, Leisure.

I absolutely love radio. As a form of expression,information,entertainment, I think it's one of the best inventions, ever; it presents a new set of challenges every single day. Its immediate, live, and I have to say the listener makes it worthwhile for me. But its a profession and craft like any other, which has taught me to be disciplined.

At least 2 years experience



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