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OSM April2019
Dane Remendes  

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LocationSouth Africa/Gauteng
AgentOSM Talent


[email protected]


- English

Hi! I'm Dane. Compared to many of the other (incredibly talented) voice-over artists you'll see (and hear) on Voicebank, I'm relatively new to the fancy world of Doing Voice Things - but I like to think that what I lack in experience, I make up for in enthusiasm. Which is an incredibly cheesy thing to say, sure, but aren't these bio sections purposefully designed to be full of incredible cheese? I'm pretty sure it's the law. Maybe it's written in South Africa's Constitution even. Who knows.

I'd describe myself as highly energetic, optimistic, outgoing, and passionate about everything I do. Also, silly. I'm very, very silly, and it's probably best if no-one takes anything I say seriously, ever. I prefer to focus on the lighter side of life, and I like to think that comes across in my vocal performances.

In addition to more traditional voice work, I'm a huge fan of spontaneously producing silly, exaggerated voices and accents, which leads me to believe I may be a good fit for voice overs in more cartoonish, possibly animated productions.

As much as I despise hearing my own voice (I mean, doesn't everyone cringe at the sound of their own voice? No? You're saying it's just me? Okay, but we both know you're lying :P ), I'll still happily, sadistically sprinkle said voice all over radio, and television, and every other form of entertainment/media that'll give it a home. 'Cause I'm weird like that.

For the past couple of years I've been working with Viacom International Media Networks Africa, providing the voice-overs for Nickelodeon Africa's on-air promos and assorted marketing materials.

I've also worked alongside Urban Brew Studios, where I provided the narration for a game show called Nickelodeon Genius - which was the result of a collaboration between Viacom and Urban Brew.

Basically, I've spent many, many hours in various recording studios across Johannesburg. I've had to rap. Badly. I've had to sing. Also badly. And I've loved every second of it.



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