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OSM April2019
Waka Talent Agency  

Email[email protected]
LocationSouth Africa/Gauteng

Rosie Motene is an accomplished award winning actor, TV presenter and producer.
She is a revered voice artists and is the inflight voice for SAA. She is a global emcee
Her agency: Waka! Meaning ‘SHINE’ in Swahili.
Its time for the whole of Africa to shine!!
One of the main objectives of THE WAKA AGENCY will be to incorporate talent from outside of South Africa with talent thats based in South Africa.
Many corporate companies, based in South Africa wish to hire artists from north of the Limpopo but do not have the contacts.
The WAKA AGENCY will aim to act as a mediator between client and talent.
If the client wishes to hire a mc, speaker or musician, THE WAKA AGENCY will source the talent.
Artists will also have an oppurtunity to register with THE WAKA AGENCY by sending through their CV and photo, if work comes through then the agency can send through the artists information to the client immediately.

With over 15 years in the entertainment industry and over 5 years of travelling across Africa, it's time for us to all unite!


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