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Owen S. Management strives to represent every kind of voice artist
Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Owen S. Management strives to represent every kind of voice under the African sun! With 86 working voice over artists being represented by Owen S. - every single one of them has recorded their voice over demo clips with either Owen Swanson or Catherine present in studio. Over almost eight years, Catherine and Owen ask these kind of questions when they decide to represent a voice artist:

Is the artist professional?
Can they take the pressure of all those clients sitting in on a session?
Is the artist polite?
Can they take direction?
Can they create an exceptional, vivid and memorable voice over?

All these questions can only have the answer of 'ABSOLUTELY!' Owen S are extremely proud of the voice over artists they represent. It makes them want to answer their phones that much quicker to either take a booking or carefully suggest other potential options that may just work for a specific script.

What makes it all worthwhile, is when an artist arrives on time in studio and records the actual script. What assures them that a particular artist is doing a good job, is when the same producer picks up the phone and books that artist again. And again. And again. Big smiling faces!

For a range of fresh new voices, established voices, languages, ages and races, please get in contact with Owen S. Management. They really understand stress, pressure, urgency and demands. Trust them to help you as best as they can!

Some of the FRESH NEW voices that are new with Owen S Management:

Lala Tuku, TK Nale, Jonathan Roxmouth, Refilwe Modiselle

Some of their most POPULAR experienced voices:

Kinalma Bashman, Andile Mngadi, Asher Stoltz, Refiloe Mpakanyane
Owen S Management
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