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Radio Streaming is here!
Thursday, June 09, 2011
Radio Streaming is here!
High speed media deliery direct to stations.

Sonovision Studios is the first audio post production studio in South Africa to offer RadioStreaming to its clients - but what is the buzz all about?

RadioStreaming is a new technology that allow ads to be digitally transmitted direct to broadcasters. It is much faster than sending a driver with a CD and is more reliable and better quality than email because we stream high quality audio files direct to the stations.

RadioStreaming provides our clients with a reliable and efficient means to deliver their product to radio stations.

The SABC and United Stations have already embraced this new technology and we are in the process of getting other stations and distibutors onto our digital network.

So say goodbye to CD's and blocked emails and hello to the future of how radio material is going to be delivered!

For more information please email [email protected]
Sonovision Studios
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